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Hal is a war veteran who smoked for 50+ years. He worked in an environment ridden with Oxidative Stressors. We used Immune Support Complex, Oxidative Stress Inhibitor and NAC to combat inflammation, bacteria causing mucous production and to thin and remove mucous. He stopped smoking and now has gone from full COPD with limited ability to walk from his living-room to kitchen, to now running more than 7 miles a day with no problems and is in incredible health.

Yes, please, I would like all information you send out to your friends. Thank you so very much for all you do for everyone. I am beginning to feel like a human being since I have found Dr. Mary. AND Dena, my dear, you are such a blessing. After that massage I feel like a million dollars.
Thank you so much.
Anne G.

Everywhere I look today, I see something that is either powered by batteries or electricity. Our televisions, computers, alarm clocks, microwave ovens, hair dryers, cell phones, cell phone towers, cordless phones, and now smart meters are all emitting some degree of EMF (electromagnetic field) or EMR (electromagnetic radiation). We are 200 million times more bombarded with radiation now from all of our electrical devices than were our grandparents.

Dear Dr. Mary,

You saved my life. I thought I was going crazy… and you gave me hope.

In 2005, a series of “life moments” sent me tumbling into suicidal depression, so I went to see my physician and a couple of shrinks. They tried Wellbutrin, Effexor, Lexapro, Clonzepam, Trazedone, and Cymbalta. By the time I finally broke down and decided to do the neurotransmitter tests, I was taking Cymbalta, Wellbutrin in the morning and Trazedone at night to sleep. I was getting more and more depressed and I couldn’t understand what was wrong!

Dear Dr. Mary,

I had the pleasure of purchasing a product I heard about on your radio program  called “Velvet Rescue.” I  first used it when I had injured my ankle. Once applied to the area of my ankle that was swollen, improvement occurred overnight. I really appreciate Dr. Mary and her staff for all their expertise and care.



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