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Dr. Mary Schrick

Dr. Mary Schrick, ND, PhD, Mom

Dr. Mary Schrick is a proud mother of four and has been happily married to her husband, Larry, for enough years to have developed an abundance of wisdom, patience and strength.

After graduating from Oklahoma State University Dr. Mary was a school teacher in Nebraska, and following a series of life changing events she returned to college to continue her education. She completed her Bachelor of Science Degree from Chattworth College in 1993, followed by a Doctorate Degree in Naturopathy and a PhD in Nutritional Science. Her focus in these higher educational degree studies was always in the healing arts of naturopathy.

Acutely aware of the weaknesses of modern medicine, and the ability of the body to heal itself when fueled with proper care and nutrition Dr. Mary set out to “Get the word out” regarding the curative benefits of natural healing. In 1998 she began hosting her daily radio talk show, The 3rd Opinion, which is carried live three hours daily Monday through Saturday, and streamed worldwide via the Internet.

Not satisfied with the quality of the natural products available to her patients and family Dr. Mary began manufacturing her own line of “suppleceuticals” under the StarrWalker brand. StarrWalker products are formulated and manufactured using only the highest quality ingredients and under the strictest of quality-control processes.

To further ensure the quality and availability of StarrWalker’s pharmaceutical grade supplements Dr. Mary founded The 3rd Opinion, a dietary supplement company based in Chattanooga, Oklahoma, and the exclusive source of StarrWalker products.

Seeing the suffering of so many all around her and knowing she could help, Dr. Mary took her message and methods of healing directly to those in need and founded the Full circle Integrated Health Clinic in Edmond, Oklahoma. Under her guiding hand the clinic has become the only integrated and the premier naturopathic health clinic in Oklahoma.

Dr. Mary Schrick currently serves Vice President on the Board of Directors of Feed the Children, an international, non-profit relief organization headquartered in Oklahoma City. As a primary interest with the Feed the Children organization Dr. Mary works with their Abandoned Baby Center in Kenya, East Africa.
Dr. Mary also serves on the Board of Directors of Thrive Magazine, a health and wellness periodical, and is a contributing author to the magazine.

As an ordained minister, Dr. Mary believes that healing must encompass the spirit, the body, and the soul, and to this end all credit in healing is given to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.