Starr Walker K2-MK7 – Natural Vitamin K

Starr Walker’s K2-MK7 – your best source for Vitamin K supplementation

There are three forms of dietary supplement vitamin K: synthetic K1 (phylloquinone), K2 (menaquinone) as synthetic MK-4, and natural MK-7. The differences between MK-4 and MK-7 are striking. Although both forms are completely absorbed and peak in the serum at about two hours, the MK-7 stays there approximately nine times as long as the MK-4 (eight hours v. 72 hours), offering the benefit of single daily dosing.   In a study using a 60 mcg dose of each form, in only eight days, six times more MK-7 had accumulated in the serum compared to MK-4.

Why do we need K vitamins?

The function of K vitamins is unique among other vitamins. K vitamins are mainly known for its blood clotting activity and is now recognized that vitamin K2 is optimal for the body to utilize calcium in order to build healthy, strong bones and to inhibit calcium deposits in the arteries.

Vitamin K activates certain proteins in the body such as osteocalcin in the bones, Matrix Gla Protein (MGP) in the arteries and clotting factors in the liver.  These proteins are dependent on vitamin K in order to bind calcium to the surface of bones, inhibit calcium deposits in the arteries and help coagulate blood.  Inadequate vitamin K – and especially lack of vitamin K2 – may result in what is known as the “Calcium Paradox” whereby too little calcium result in weak bones – while excess calcium accumulates in the arteries making them stiff and inelastic.  An adequate intake of vitamin K2 has shown to positively influence the cardiovascular system. Vitamin K2 activates Matrix Gla Protein (MGP), which inhibits calcium from depositing in the vessel walls. Calcium will be removed in a coordinated system of activated MGP, soluble factors, cells and tissues, keeping the arteries healthy and flexible.  However, vitamin K deficiency results in undercarboxylation – or inadequate activation – of MGP and this greatly impairs normal function of this removal process.  Hence, vitamin K2-deficiency indicates increased risk of arterial calcification.

Arterial calcification studies:

The Rotterdam Study (2004) shows that high dietary intake of vitamin K2 – but not vitamin K1 – has a strong protective effect on cardiovascular health. This population-based study, which took place over a 10 year period, followed 4807 initially healthy men and women >55 years of age from start. Findings from the study indicate that eating foods rich in natural vitamin K2 (at least 32 mcg per day) results in 50% reduction of arterial calcification, 50% reduction of cardiovascular death and 25% reduction of all cause mortality.

These findings were, in 2008, supported by another population-based study with 16,000 persons from the Prospect-EPIC cohort population. All the women participating in this project, who were aged 49-70 at the start of the study, were followed-up for 8 years and were free of cardiovascular diseases at the baseline. The results from this study show that high intake of natural vitamin K2 – but not vitamin K1 – over a 8 year period protect from cardiovascular events. The researchers (Gast found that for every 10mcg vitamin K2 (MK-7) consumed, the risk of coronary heart disease was reduced by 9%.

K2-MK7 is pure, solvent free, and has human clinical trials for safety and efficacy and is produced in a pharmaceutical GMP approved facility.  K2-MK7 is the most active form of K2 with the highest bio-availability.

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  1. Can I take this with Super Silver, your multi vitamin, Flatseed Oil, Multi oiland CQ10?

    • Thank you so much for your question and I am sorry for the delayed response. Dr. mary said yes, you can take Super Silver with your other vitamins and supplements, but she does not like flaxseed oil. She believes that EPA/DHA is a better choice. If you have any other questions please call us at the clinic and we would be happy to help! The office number is (405) 753-9355.

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